2012 RTV provider Convention

Are you attending the RTV Virtual Tour Convention?

Here’s a list of classes that we’ll be holding:

Our Class offerings for the May 4-6 event are as follows:

• Fusion I: introduction to the RealTour Fusion system. Learn how to navigate and use the new Fusion online virtual tour building system. Presented by Ben Knorr

• Tour Track 2.0: Introduction to Tour Track 2.0. Learn how to use the new RealTour Fusion powered Tour Track system as well as the major Do’s and Dont’s of doing a Tour Track job. Presented by Gabe Clark and Jacque Burke. This class will also cover how to manage your photographers by using power of your own built in tour track system.

• Photography Infinity and Beyond: Chuck and Dale take you through advanced shooting and camera control manipulation

• Photo Editing Basics: Donna Big introduces you to easy basic editing of photos

• Photography: Learn both basic and advanced elements of exposure, lighting, camera functions, flash and lighting and metering. Presented by Dale Hart and Chuck Gullet

• Introduction to Shooting 360 X 360 Spherical Tours: Fusion supports it, customers want it and now you can do it. Learn how to capture, assemble, and deliver spherical 360 X 360 virtual tours. Learn the method and the equipment and software required to produce these kinds of virtual tours. Presented by Ben Knorr. During this class RTV will unveil the new RTV Rotator SX – Spherical Enabled. For those of you with an X3 or older model you will be able to purchase a small piece of hardware that will attach to your current rotator so you can do spherical panoramas!!

• Introduction to Video Editing: Learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and how you can integrate video clips into your Fusion tours to drive more business. Presented by Jim Blue of BlueLaVaMedia and Ben Knorr

• ABC’s of Sales & Marketing: Presented by Jason LaVanture

• Photo Editing Advance Techniques: Donna Big leads you through more advanced techniques

• Closing the Sale: Interactive Role Playing Course on how to close a deal presented by Jason LaVanture

• Introduction to Floor Plans: Learn how to create and integrate floor plans into your existing business. This class will prove to be invaluable for those of you looking to learn how to not only utilize the floor plan capabilities of the new Fusion system but to also use floor plan aps like that from our partner Sensopia. The Sensopia system will eventually automatically feed directly into your Fusion TMS.

• Small Group Business Consultation: Jason LaVanture and a team of successful tour providers take the time to answer all your burning questions
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