Word of Mouth Works

I am very excited about all the new services the new RealTour Fusion system is going to offer to us providers so we in return can offer this new exciting virtual tour technology our virtual tour customers. We will be able to offer fully integrated floor plans, voice overs, beautiful flyers, better looking hit reports, and more with our Fusion tours. With the new TMS system that
the providers have we will also be able to improve our turnover time, allowing Vero Beach virtual tour company to turn and burn at a faster pace than ever before.

We get a lot of complements for
our real estate virtual tours, but the best part of it is that we work with a company that
is always there for us and is always improving its virtual tour technology so we can
be the number one virtual tour company here in our local market!

How do we keep growing our virtual tour company down here you might ask.  We’ll we’ve done in person virtual tour presentations, flyers, cards, emails; all the advertising out there, but the best and most efficient advertising for us (and I would imagine for all of you out there) is word of mouth. Word of mouth has been Perfect Images’s best advertising campaign. And what makes this work?, Being always on top of the game. When we look good, always keep rolling out new technology and stay with the game our customer take notice and keep talking about us. Working with a company that is always up-to-date with the latest 360 technology and offer the best customer service out there. In the last couple of months Perfect Images has received over 10 new orders from customers that have heard about our Vero Beach virtual tour company and the efficiency with what we work, and they have been all recommended by other Realtors. This is only possible with the support of a company like RTV. We love ya!

Best decision I have ever made! Real Tour Vision thank you for your support!

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Ivan Herrera & Claudia Jaramillo
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