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Up n Close Virtual Tours is located in Woodstock, Ontario Canada. We have been part of the RTV family since May of 2010. Since that time we have grown from doing just a few tours a month to be doing five to nine tours a day!! When we started out, we would drive about 20 minutes away from the office to photograph and create the the Virtual Tours for Realtors. Today we drive upto 1 ½ hours away from the office to produce the Virtual Tours for a growing list of agents who have found our services to be invaluable.

Currently some of the communities that we service are Port Dover, Simcoe, Tillsonburg, Norwich, Delhi, Aylmer, St Thomas, Port Stanley, Port Burwell, Long Point, Port Rowan, London ,Thamesford, Strathroy and yes even Woodstock and Ingersoll.  What is setting us apart from any of the other virtual tour providers that we are up against is our willingness to work with the agent and our friendly courteous service. When we show up onsite we install a sign rider on the agents sign post that advertises that fact that an UP N Close Virtual Tour has been done on this property and that sign has a Quick Reference (QR) code on the rider as well. Our website is mobile friendly ready just as our virtual tours.

After we have completed the photo shoot of the subject property we edit and burn the images to disc and leave them with the agent or the agent’s brokerage before we leave the community. This one feature alone is attracting clients. The images on the disc have also been sized for MLS and for their company website, this eliminating the agent or the admin staff from having to size the photos themselves. Just another way, we are lessening the load for the agent.  When the office finished the virtual tour later that evening and the virtual tour goes online, we post the virtual tours to our Facebook page as well as twitter and Linked In.

We belong to many groups on Linked In that are related to Realestate and we post to each of them for our clients.  Our price point is comparable to our competition, but with our value added services Up N Close is the clear choice for those agents that want more for their money. When virtual tours are posted to the Up N Close website the same photos that were used to produce the slideshow are also available online as thumb nails for potential purchasers to browse through quickly, NO PHOTO LIMIT HERE.

Some may ask and many have already. How has Up N Close managed to get so far in such a short period of time? We had been invited last year to a course for Century 21 agents where they were learning how to be better agents, how to close the deals quicker among other  things. The course was once a week for nine week and I attended every week. I socialized with agents and the instructor instructed them to use our virtual tour services and from there we have grown by word or mouth and having made presentations are other brokerages in many of the communities that I have already mentioned.

Up N Close is very excited for the Fusion virtual tour system to come on stream and be the new standard that Virtual Tour companies will be measured against. The agents that I have shown this new system to are so excited to be one of the first out of the gate showcasing their listings with this superior product.

Congratulations to RTV for their dedication and hard work towards what will prove to be the best upgrade to date. Up N Close is located in Woodstock, Ontario part of South Western Ontario about 6 hours by car from Traverse City Michigan. Go RTV!

Up N Close
Glen Farrell
Woodstock Ontario Virtual Tours
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