How Sweet it is!

I have been shooting virtual tours for a while now but, being technologically challenged, I still need help more often than I probably should. It is so nice to be associated with a company like RTV that does everything it can do to stay on the cutting edge of virtual tour software and the overall industry in general. They continually keep us competitive and keep us on top.   More than that – it is fantastic to have someone to call with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

From time to time, things come up that just stop me in my tracks. Technical issues that I have no idea how to solve. I experienced one of these challenges a few days ago. I could not get the photo stitching software to stitch my panoramas properly. I tried everything I could think of and NOTHING worked.

After two days of mind numbing frustration, I called Ben at RTV. Ben spent over an hour working with me until the situation was resolved. It is SO SWEET to have someone to fall back on for help. Thanks RTV! Love the new look of the Fusion and can’t wait for it to go live!

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