Blogging Pays

Hello everyone! Yesterday I was contacted by a potential new virtual tour client. He called me as he was on my web site,, looking at the sample virtual tours. He works for a marketing outfit and was at a loss where to start pricing up a job for a local hotel. I asked him how he got to me and he told me Google.

He had done a couple of searches for Virtual Tour providers in Florida and had found a link to my site.

I am always interested to find out the specifics as I look to track my marketing efforts. I pushed a little to see if the link was directly to my site from the Google search, how high did I rank, are my paid for ad-words working adequately, etc…

I was absolutely blown away when he told me that he found a link to my site from the RTV virtual tour provider blog! I am not known for my posting prowess, but, my post and a link to my site ended up catching the eye of a savvy marketing individual on Google! Blogging is now officially included in the soon to be available marketing manual, “You Got That Last New Client How?”  I’m planning on doing this a whole lot more and you should too!

Have a GREAT day!

Chris Grumley
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