6 Helpful Services for the Digital Media Marketer

I have to admit, as a small virtual tour business serving other small businesses in Roseville CA, life can get pretty hectic without the right tools to manage it. My job, as a multimedia internet marketing company, is to continually find ways to become more efficient with increasingly less time.

These helpful tools are either free or have free versions:

Social Media Organization  – Proper use of social media will keep an exciting air about your company.  Too much and you’ll find you should have been working the phones harder. Find the balance.

HootSuite.com – combines all your social media profiles into 1 convenient dashboard. It allows you to schedule a message and (very simply) send it to either just Twitter, or to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. You will find the website easy to navigate and user friendly.

TweetDeck.com – similar to HootSuite in about every way, the differences are subtle and you will have to decide for yourself which one fits you best.

Social Bookmarking

onlywire.com – there’s a lot of confusion about social bookmarking and controversy over auto-syndication sites like OnlyWire. I say if you have the few extra dollars to shell out, and the patience to setup 30+ accounts, then it may be worth your time. It is especially useful for generating a little extra traffic and article exposure.

No Need for Photoshop

Although I use Photoshop on a daily basis, I have found there are several alternatives to resizing a picture or adding rounded corners in split record time.

roundpic.com – enough said, create rounded corners, choose which corners, how much “roundness” and even resize it. I have not found anything quicker than this for manipulating 1 picture on the fly.

desktop image resizer – found here http://imageresizer.codeplex.com/releases/view/74953 – resize several pictures at once without opening software. I probably use this almost as much as Photoshop, but it’s great for those taking Hi-Res pictures that would like to have “web” versions of them as well for sharing and faster upload times.


curdbee.com – mind the name, a pay as you go online invoicing service that is great for small businesses and people who think Quickbooks is just a little too intense for trying to sell a few candles.

If you’ve got a cool tool, do share!


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