A Working Vacation Anyone?

I decided that I would work just a bit on a weekend getaway with the wife and some friends so I decided to give it a shot in a (relatively) close beach town. I packed my gear in my truck, grabbed a handful of virtual tour business cards, some flyers, and of course the swimming trunks (in case none of the prospecting worked out). I had made phone calls, I had the town/businesses mapped out, and I had my salesman hat on. I was prepared.

The entire first day I was there I knocked on probably 90 percent of the local Realtor’s offices. I got some small nibbles, made some presentations, and even shot two Virtual Tours with the idea that more would be in store if I promised regular returns. Needless to say, I felt much better about our opportunities even if we were going to have to travel several hundred miles to get things done. At least it was near the beach. Day one ended with me sitting on the beach, enjoying the weather, and pondering what else I could do to drum up more 360 tour business while I was there. It didn’t take long for me to realize that including the real estate market, there was a real untapped resource in the local town, property management companies. Locally, property management companies were almost as plentiful as Realtors, and just as hungry to get a leg up on the next guy.

Day two found me in almost every property management company office in town. Quickly I found out that while most of them were running between 10-25 properties, some of the larger firms had upwards of 80-100 places. Goldmine!! Of course, with most sales, results were about ten percent; but ten percent of 100 properties were far better results than what I had seen thus far. From the managers I spoke with and convinced of their clients needs for Virtual Tours, most were happy with either splitting the cost of the Virtual Tours with the home-owners or passing the cost entirely on to them.

By my second visit I was shooting virtual tours of properties and enjoying the beach all in the same trip. In my opinion, you can’t beat that. Now I try and make it out between four and five times a year during the off-season to shoot virtual tours of new properties, update existing ones, and prospect for new clients. Who would’ve thought two years ago that I would have created a way to get paid to visit the beach! It’s hard for me to have a bad day at work when I know that it will still end with the sand between my toes and a plate full of fresh grilled shrimp. Go RTV! Can’t wait until Fusion comes out!!

Christian Ross
Thin Air Web & Media
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