Starting a Virtual Tour Company

Starting our Vacation Rental Photography business was something we did after lots of research and planning.  We operated the tour business on a part time basis the previous year and made enough to cover all of our start up costs.  On December 30, 2010, I quit my full time job and we dove headfirst into the self employed world.  We went full time only when we knew we had enough consistent and projected income to make the virtual tour business viable for the first year.  Because we had done a great deal of preparation in the year before we pulled the full time plug, we were ready when the opportunity presented itself.

We credit much of our success to having a great virtual tour software partner who allows us to focus on what we do best.  Originally established in 1999 as RealtorVision and now RTV, Inc. proudly supports our company as well as over 100 thousand real estate agents in 27 countries.  They are the largest full service virtual tour and property marketing network in the World and yet allow us the autonomy to run our own business and make our own decisions.  With them acting as our back office, we can focus on photographing and building virtual tours and let them focus on things like research and development of new technology and hosting our tours.

If you are considering starting your own business, count the costs and weigh the risks.  Statistics will tell you that between 50 – 90% of small business fail within the first year and yet the dream of many people is still to own their own business and defy those odds.  We are living proof that the rewards far outweigh the risks!!