Recuva to the Rescue!

It was a long day and after getting home from a 4 hour virtual tour at Macedonia Baptist Church in Detroit. I was sitting at my desk and my dog Maggie was being so cute and playing doing something I have been trying to get on video for months, but every time I pick up the camera she always stops.

I grabbed the camera out of the camera bag and started filming and she quite doing it, as usual.  Not thinking I went to erase the video and selected “all” and pushed the delete button.  I knew the very moment I did it and said aloud “oh Sh**”.  It was too late, all 17 spins where gone!

I wanted to cry. I told my husband Mike and he said, “Hold on a second, they are still there, the FBI recovers erased data all the time we should be able to do the same.”  I searched online and found a FREE program called Recuva and downloaded it, after I installed it and ran the program, it recovered ALL the deleted images on my memory card.  I couldn’t have been happier! 

Important fact to note, if this happens to you DO NOT take any other photos or it will start overwriting where your images were stored. Pull the card from the camera and set it aside, download the software from here and follow the instructions. This was a happy ending, even though I still don’t have my cute video of Maggie.

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