Excellence is Our Standard

At our national photography company, we photograph all of our tours using a secret technique that provides an incredible level of clarity and detail that is not available in traditional photography.  For each individual image, we photograph many exposures and then blend these together to provide an image that shows both the dark and bright areas equally well.  To see the difference that HDR makes take a look at some of our hotel photography!

We photographed 350 tours in 31 states last year and drove 39,000 miles to shoot tours.  We photograph a wide range of virtual tours and our prices range anywhere from $100 to $2,500 per 360 tour depending on the size and scope of the job.  I read a Facebook comment earlier today from a photographer that said that he would not consider shooting using HDR unless it was on a higher price tour because he felt like it was extra work and the extra time made it cost prohibitive.

That confounds me!  We pride ourselves on providing an excellent product no matter if we are shooting a one bedroom condo or a huge hospital.  Like I said earlier, we charge according to the scope of the job but every single image we shoot is photographed using the multi exposure technique because it gives us the best results every time…and we think that’s why our customers choose to work with us!

By the time we publish a virtual tour, we will have used no less than 6 different software programs to create the end result.  Because of the volume we do, we have streamlined our processes and invested in our systems so that in actuality it takes us almost the same amount of time to shoot a tour using our technique as it does to shoot without it. Even if it does take a little longer, we find it easier to just do our best work every time and trust that it will all even out in the end.