What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Do you have a USP? A USP is a Unique Selling Proposition. Every successful virtual tour business out there has at least one of these and some of you have developed even more of them over time. A USP gives your local 360 tour business an unfair advantage over your competition and that can mean HUGE DOLLARS over the course of a year.  Imagine if you could win over just one customer a quarter over your competition. This would translate into about ten thousand dollars over the course of a year.  With just ONE CUSTOMER A QUARTER!!

Having a solid USP means that your customers and prospects will have only one place to turn if they want to take advantage of your USP. Here’s just a few USPs that you might consider mastering over the Winter months to give you a leg up:

Agent Video Biography
Agent Home Voice Narration
Interactive Tour Floor Plan
Single Property Websites & PanoRiders
“Secret Weapon” Imaging Packages

Try to select of of these a month over the Winter months and bolt it onto your virtual tour company. Use marketing materials found in RTV’s Inner Circle area or create your own.  Once you’ve decided on pricing and have added the new product to your website you’re ready for the new product launch.

Did you know that the new RealTour Fusion virtual tour platform has over 50 new features not found in the existing RTV virtual tour system?  Many of these features are not even being offered by any virtual tour companies!  Take some time now and get used to adding new products and services to your website so you wont be left fumbling around when the new system goes live.

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