Virtual Tours for the Travel Industry

Virtual Tours are a necessary investment in the world of travel. Think about it, If customers and potential vacationers could see what your hotel, bed and breakfast, campground, or vacation rental looks like before planning their vacation it would make the selection process SO MUCH EASIER! If you take a quick look at hte majority of travel websites today you will see pictures of rooms but most of them only show the sleeping area and not the rest of the attractions. Now if there were virtual tours of the rooms it would allow potential travelers to get a virtual in-person view of  your accommodations.

Another profitable addition would be to add virtual tours or still shots of the local area. Think about it. Suppose that someone were to plan a vacation to the Caribbean and they have never been there before. Give them a  sneak peak that could seal the deal over other hotels that opt to not provide virtual tours of the area.

No matter how the economy is doing one this is for sure; people will always take vacations. What would enhance the vacation process is to see a bit of where they would be staying as well as local virtual tours of the area. If you took a poll and asked 10 people if having seen a virtual tour before making reservations would make them reserve their vacation faster, 8 out of 10 would say yes. Try this at your next gathering. We did! There’s good reason why to date RTV has photographed several thousand hotels. All of this only furthers the proof that virtual tours are becoming the norm in the commercial travel industry.

There are people who are going to plan a vacation regardless of what the accommodations look like, but if they had a choice to see one destination with a virtual tour and another without, more often than not they would opt for the accommodations that have a virtual tour.

Let’s face it, virtual tours are the wave of the future of commercial travel. Are you a hotel chain in need of a national photography service? Give us a call now and let our vast virtual tour provider network help you increase your revenue through the use of our HD and Mobile virtual tours!

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