RealTour Fusion Just Around the Corner!!!

Wow! That’s all we can say. What an amazing virtual tour webinar show last night and the timing could not be better for the release of the new RealTour Fusion platform that’s right around the corner.  According to our development team, staff will be seeing something live and in action here next week! 

As you may or may not know the new RealTour Fusion system will allow for up to five minutes of HD streaming video, 360 X 360 spherical images, still images and of course cylindrical panoramas.  Overall we have over three pages of BRAND NEW FEATURES…many of which nobody else currently has. Get ready everyone; the best virtual tour system is shifting gears and your future runs on Fusion!

If you’re an RTV virtual tour provider, please take a moment now and check out some of the screen shots we sent you of the RealTour Fusion player that will be available to you in both Fusion and our new FusionMax look and feel. We’ll be saving the release of FusionMax for a surprise and you’re going to love it!  It’s also capable of themes which allows you to brand yourself and customer better than ever before.  Don’t worry…we’ve taken the liberty of programming in hundreds of themes for you already!

Look for one more episode of The IMAGE this month and know that we’ll be working very hard with the development team to get the new system out the door. When we’re ready for prime time, we’ll be announcing the new system on the next episode of The FORMULA!

Stay tuned everyone and thanks for your continued support.

Jason & Team
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training
PS.  See you at the show?