Photo Stitching Tips

Stitching can be mundane and downright boring, taking a good part of the time to produce a real estate virtual tour. Fortunately Panavue and other software do the mundane work for you, at least most of the time. I say most of the time because there are times when you have bare walls in which the software doesn’t get the stitch right and then your time to completion increases and your profit decreases.

When the stitch isn’t right you may be able to do a manual stitch and then you know it’s going to be a long night. What I want to do is share what I’ve found works for me. I do hope to generate some dialogue on this because I’m sure there are those of you with different and probably better ideas. The point here is by sharing, we all get better and RTV will continue to reign Supreme!! HooooRah!!!!!!!!!

Bare and blank walls can be a real nemesis, especially for manual stitching and when I say blank, I mean a flat white smooth wall.  My solution: I have 2×3 sticky business notepads like post its and I keep a pad in my camera bag and a super sized magic marker.

When I have a wall like I spoke of, I X two sheets and 0 two sheets. I stick two sheets in the left side of the wall so I can see them in the camera view finder and two on the right. I then take the shot and continue doing this until I get to shots with reference points that I can set flags to. What’s the point you say?  Well, if the stitch does not work on auto and you have to stitch manually because for instance, the crown molding just won’t align, you now have points of reference to set your flags for manual stitching.

After the stitch is successful it is usually pretty easy to photo shop the stickies away. Having said all this, I need to insert a hint that will save you time. I used to place all flags in a spin manually when I had to do a manual stitch after the auto stitch failed. I’ve realized that often times, it is only one or two adjacent photos that are causing the problem. Before I manually place flags, I review the program’s auto placement of flags and I’ve find that quite often, it is only two or three flags misplaced between two photos that need manually resetting. When I’ve done that, and run the stitch, it comes out right.

As I said above, I’d like to open this to dialogue and comment, suggestions. As you see the left shot has a door frame, but the next in series is blank. But frequently there is a baseboard or crown molding that is so smooth, you can’t use them as reference points either, and if you find they aren’t  matching in the auto stitch and  you don’t have reference points, how are you going to set flags to stitch?
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