Memorable Listings During the Holidays

Northwest Indiana Virtual ToursWho wants to look at (or buy) houses during the Holidays? Serious buyers, that’s who. People who must  move for some reason. How do you give your listings the edge that closes the deal in your clients’ favor?

A little holiday staging can help. Appeal to the buyers’ hearts as well as their heads.

1) Holiday decorations. Keep it simple. Ask your sellers to leave the Christmas village and trains that circle the tree (and most of the family room), the miles of garland, and the lights that can be seen from outer space, in storage this year. Get them into the holiday mood, but don’t hide the home.

2) Fresh flowers. Most of the year, fresh flowers only last a few days. Poinsettias, however, last and last and are relatively inexpensive. Plus they look very festive in their red, green, gold or silver pot wraps.

3) Freshly baked cookies. The old adage about the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach must have meant cookies. And the home smells marvelous. If the sellers don’t bake, holiday-scented air fresheners and a plate of store-bought holiday cookies can fill in.

4) Pictures on the internet. 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet; especially this time of year. Show them a real estate virtual tour; give your listing the edge.

HOLDAY SPECIAL: A holiday slide show (up to twelve still photos with or without festive borders) of your listing with its decorations. Holiday music included.

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