The IMAGE 32 – Video Editing 101 – Continued

The IMAGEThe IMAGE is The official photography webinar of RTV

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In preparation for the new RealTour Fusion virtual tour software system we are going to continue going through some more basic video editing. 

On the last episode of the IMAGE we introduced video editing and went over the basics of how to:

•    Start a new video project
•    Import video media
•    Place media on timeline
•    Trim off unwanted parts
•    Remove unwanted audio
•    Align the media
•    Add fades and cross dissolves
•    Add background music
•    Render final video clip

In this episode of the IMAGE we will advance through more parts of video production as we cover some more of the basic aspects in addition to some other items that will add a little flare.

If you were not able to attend the last webinar please log in to and download IMAGE episode 32.  It would be good to review IMAGE episode 32 in preparation for this next IMAGE webinar.

We will be using the Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Video software for our editing purposes.  We chose this software because of its low price, ease of use, and its powerful editing features.  This software is compatible with both PC’s and Mac’s making it a universal solution for all.

You may want to consider purchasing this software yourself before the webinar so that you can follow along.  Here is a link to the Premiere Elements 10 software on Adobe’s website:

Make sure that you attend this webinar! 

Join us December 27, 2011 at 7pm Eastern for…Video Editing 101 – Continued.  See you there.

Team RTV
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