Should you have a virtual tour on EVERY LISTING????

Albuquerque Virtual ToursShould you have Virtual Tour on every listing?

A Realtor recently mentioned to me that they had a new listing but it was just a small, nothing special home; implying that it was not worth having professional pictures done for it. I have heard hints of this from other Realtors as well which got me to thinking, why take the listing if you’re not going to employ the best marketing tools available? Why would you not use the marketing tools that would give your listing the largest market exposure? Do you really want to sell the home or just sit on it?

If 80% of all home buyers start their search online doesn’t it behoove you to showcase your listing in its best possible light utilizing an on-line professional Virtual Tour?

As a Realtor, shouldn’t you treat every home you list from the largest mansion to the smallest condo the same? How as a Realtor, do you ethically tell your client that their home is just not worth marketing with a Professional Virtual Tour?

As far a marketing goes, DragonFly 360 ,   gives you the best bang for your buck. At just pennies a day, the cost of a virtual tour is way less then a Classified ad and any other print ad with recurring fees. You only pay once for a Virtual Tour, it never expires.  

Remember, first impressions count, especially where your property listing is concerned. DragonFly 360 Imaging understands this notion. We appreciate that appearance is key when selling property and are aware that a perfectly photographed home will ultimately attract an assortment of serious buyers. This is why we make sure everything is perfect before we take the shot.  

 A Professional 360 Virtual Tour from DragonFly 360 Imaging with its available Syndication services will give your listing Maximum Exposure and allow buyers to have instant access to multiple color photographs, Virtual tours, Slide Shows, brochures, hit reports , a  tour gallery of all of your Tours, location maps, your website, mortgage information and Social Networking buttons. (IE: FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)

With so many facts and details about the property in the Tour, it’s almost as if they are inside the property-and best of all, this information is available at the click of a mouse and available on-line acting as a 24/7 open house.

Conveniently, the tour can be downloaded & shared as well as a full color brochure printed right from the tour. This means that serious buyers can examine different properties from the comfort of their home and if they actually decide to view a property, they already have a solid knowledge of its location and general appeal. Meanwhile sellers can feel safe in the knowledge that their properties are being marketed in the best possible way and in the best possible light.

As you know, every seller thinks their house is a Castle and the best in the neighborhood. Shouldn’t you treat it as such?  DragonFly 360 Imaging is your premiere provider for Albuquerque Virtual Tours. Real Estate Agents looking to gain an edge and WOW clients in a very competitive market don’t wait! Contact us today.

Dale Hart
Owner – DragonFly 360 Imaging
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