RTV Launches new Audio Module for V-Tours!

We’re very excited to now have over 100 royalty free music clips for you to choose from to enhance your V-Tours and V-Slides.  Today our programming team took the audio module (which was already live on the V-Slide system) live on our V-Tour system. This new system allows us to continue to grow our audio library for our virtual tour providers.  As always our providers are able to post their own .mp3 audio files to any V-Tour or V-Slide for further customization.

Additionally you will notice that we’ve centered the way the virtual tours open up in your browser and have larger links now that don’t require any cropping on your part to make the still images look great. Check it out: http://rtvpix.com/RE-2574-R82CRK-01?h=500&w=700

To celebrate this new technology please keep your eyes out this coming FRIDAY (Black Friday) for a special one day sales event. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and don’t forget to come to the show tonight! Register now in your TMS

Yours sincerely,

Team RTV
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