The FORMULA 61 – Good Business Housekeeping

It’s happening all over the country, November approaches, the leaves finish falling off the trees, the weather starts getting crummy, and your phone does not ring as frequently as before. During these slower months the temptation is greater than ever to kick back, relax, build a virtual farm, and wait for things to get busy again.

While a little time away is quite healthy for your mind and leads to better decision making, letting yourself fall idol is a huge mistake. One that will surely give your virtual tour competitor a leg up on you when things do start getting busy again. Come to this show and get several “Good Business” housekeeping ideas that will keep you busy during the slower months of the year and have you ready to pounce when the skies clear.

We’ll be covering a variety of topics from computer maintenance, backups, blogging, updating your websites and more.

See you on The FORMULA!

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