Utilize Everything from RTV

I am the type of person who is not satisfied unless I go above and beyond a customer’s expectations. Therefore, I take advantage and try to utilize all aspects of the available new virtual tour updates and virtual tour features I get from RTV virtual tour software system. This year has been truly amazing and from what I hear from corporate…they’re just getting warmed up!

My first love is graphic designing, and my latest corporate virtual tour was for the Society of Franco-Ontarian History and Genealogy (S.F.O.H.G.) in Timmins, Ontario.  I was truly in my element as I was able to combine all three of my passions into one HD virtual tour media!  The purpose of the virtual tour is to promote membership and awareness of our Genealogy Society, as well as to create interest in our new genealogical facility housed at the Timmins Public Library.  I am proud to say, that the virtual tour is very effectively doing its job! 

I was simply in awe five years ago soon after I signed with RTV when a major update was introduced:  text descriptions were available for each scene! It came as a total surprise to me, especially since I had voiced this same desire to a friend of mine only a few days prior to its release. An now here we are many years later and we have mobile compatibility, full screen tours, and our new powerful HD V-Slides. It’s all simply amazing! That is one of the best qualities about RTV; they are always searching for innovative ways to consistently improve upon their services and because of this determination, they continue to remain above  the crowd.

The functions of Virtual Tours do not have limits, and neither should the tour software and technology used to produce the tours. Virtual Tours are as versatile as your imagination. They serve as a 24 hour salesman for your home, business or organization, but it can also be molded to clearly convey a special message through a visual story that produces impact! A story that utilizes specifically tailored designs, crisp and vibrant still photos, realistic 360 degree panoramas, the descriptive text that neatly ties the tour scenes together, the music selection you choose for each tour and all the many other amazing tour feature. It only keeps getting better and better. Thanks RTV!

Denise DeForge
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