Still Shopping For a Virtual Tour Company?

If you’re currently in the research phase of selecting a virtual tour company, then by now you must be tired of looking at one virtual tour company website after another trying to decide which one can better market your real estate listings for you. It’s a daunting task, but a very important one. Because at the end of the day, you need a virtual tour company that  takes the extra step to actually market your listings online. You need to select a virtual tour company that does not just stop at delivering a virtual tour to your inbox.

There are many national and local companies to choose from. In fact, today, if you are to pull up a listing of all ® Picture Path® authorized partners, you would probably see a very long and almost overwhelming list. This is mostly due to the fact that there are no costs to be an authorized partner. This opens the floodgates for all kinds of different virtual tour companies that may or may not market your listings effectively. Many of these companies don’t even offer national coverage and some are no longer in business.

When you are looking through our Traverse City Virtual Tour company website,  keep in mind the one question that brought you here: What makes BlueLaVaMedia different from other virtual tour providers in Michigan? How can this local Northern Michigan virtual tour company market my listings better than some of these national virtual tour companies or other local companies.

The answer friend is simple, and starts with our virtual tours. Here are a few differences for you to consider:

When Jim and I started BlueLaVaMedia in 2008, we chose to use RTV virtual tour software technology to power our virtual tours for you.

  • Our interactive virtual tour technology has been around for over 12 years. During that time RTV has done an amazing job at keeping their virtual tour technology at the forefront of virtual tour technology. Because of our partnership with RTV you can sit back and do what you do best, list and sell. Let us continue advancing your virtual tour technology month after month. We’ll inform you as our technology updates and new features are made available to you.
  • We offer both HD V-Slides and HD V-Tours giving you the option of using either technology on your listings. Both technologies come in branded and non branded formats, can be pushed to, provide to you an elegant looking weekly hit report for you to send off to your client, are streamed in HD, and both are mobile friendly.  You will find both of our core technologies quite attractive.
  • Both our HD V-Slides and V-Tours are interactive. They engage the users to click, drag and explore through your listing.  This level of interaction creates excitement with your listings and stirs emotion that will lead to you getting more showings than listings not taking advantage of interactive virtual tour technology.
  • You wouldn’t be looking for a virtual tour company if you just wanted to have pictures taken. That’s called a photographer. At BlueLaVaMedia, we combine the professional photographer with the digital marketer.  Many photographers have not yet made this leap and will ultimately struggle to continue to find work.  Since we wear both hats, we offer several powerful property marketing tools that promote your listings online, help them rank in the search engines, drive traffic to your website and make you look your very best online.  Consider our Exposure Engine which is our most popular virtual tour add on. Virtual tours pushed through our Exposure Engine receive 50% more traffic than those that are not submitted. It is vital today that once the tour is completed , it is then marketed to prospective buyers on the Internet. This is what we do best.
  • We burn a feed of all of our virtual tours to local real estate agents by way of our HotSheet.  Every time we create twenty or more virtual tours, they get automatically sent out to all of the members at TAAR through our automated feed.  This allows everyone to see your listings and connects potential buyers with your homes. Remember that a virtual tour is an Internet marketing tool, but without being actually marketed on the Internet, it is nothing more than a wasted advertising expense. 

At BlueLaVaMedia, everything is about marketing your listings, the more successful  you become, the more successful we become. This results in even more marketing for our website, your tours, your listings and this all happens automatically when you choose us as your digital marketing partner.

Take some time and look around our Traverse City virtual tour company website. While you’re there make sure you check out our HD Virtual Tour Gallery, read some client testimonials, and check out all five pages of our powerful property marketing tools that help promote your business and listings on the Internet in today’s digital world.

I look forward to working with you in the very near future!

Jason LaVanture
Owner / Organizer

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