The IMAGE 32 – Video Editing 101 – Movie Magic

Start your journey down the red carpet with us as we Introduce the IMAGE webinars first ever episode of Video editing…Video Editing 101 – Movie Magic!

We are really excited that our new virtual tour system will support full motion video. Yes, the silver screen is coming to RTV. In preparation for the new tour system we wanted to help you get started with video by teaching you some of the basics of editing and producing a video.

In this episode of the IMAGE we will go over these basic steps to produce a video: creating a video project, importing your media, basic editing, adding audio, and producing the final video clip.

We will be using the Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Video software for our editing purposes. We chose this software because of its low price, ease of use, and its powerful editing features. This software is compatible with both PC’s and Mac’s making it a universal solution for all.

You may want to consider purchasing this software yourself before the webinar so that you can follow along. Here is a link to the Premiere Elements 10 software on Adobe’s website:

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Join us November 29, 2011 at 7pm Eastern for…Movie Magic 101. See you there.

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