Finding Virtual Tour Leads on TV

Hey RTV providers! I just wanted to shout out here and let everyone know that I have had some really good success lately in uncovering new real estate virtual tour and commercial virtual tour business. Especially since RTV started making the HD images look SO DARN GOOD. You know the secret!  😉 

I have been looking for new outlets to gain additional 360 tour business. After talking to a number of my Realtor friends they directed me to the local cable channel that realtors buy time to advertise homes. While watching the channel, I came up with an idea to gain new virtual tour business that I am in the process of incorporating into my business model.

One of the programs that the channel employs is the “For Sale by Owner” channel. Its obvious that people who are trying to sell their homes on their own don’t have websites to house a virtual tour of their property nor do most of these people know the importance of them . We’re currently building our website and will make a place on there for these home owners to order our For Sale By Owner virtual tours.

We’re thinking of making the page similar to BlueLaVa’s Traverse City For Sale By Owner page.  Included in our package we’ll have many of the same things such as pushes out to major portal sites, video conversion, a single property website where they can direct potential home buyers and more. As I spoke to many of my friends who were trying to sell their homes on their own they told me the most difficult part was not having a place to put the pictures, pricing and a virtual tour.  With my new bundled services….they do.

My only question is what will a “For Sale by Owner ” customer pay for a virtual tours as they have no comparison base? As the economy changes the way people do business, I believe it is only prudent to come up with new ways to stay ahead of the curve. I hope you’re able to get leads from your

Charles Gise
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