6000 Virtual Tours and Beyond!

San Antonio Virtual ToursHave you ever wondered what it would feel like to shoot a thousand virtual tours over the course of a year or two? How about six thousand virtual tour shoots over several years? Meet Jerry Mumme, veteran virtual tour provider who has shot over six thousand virtual tours, burned many shutters and cooked a flash or two in his life. This is not a story however about a guy about to retire from running a successful virtual tour business. In fact, Jerry is fairly new to running his own virtual tour business, setting his own pricing, stitching his own photos, scheduling his own shoots, and running things his way.
According to Jerry, he’s just getting warmed up!

Jerry is so busy with his daily virtual tour shoots that his wife Trish is now taking an active role in Jerry’s virtual tour business by helping out with the books, scheduling his virtual tour shoots and working out virtual tour details in his virtual tour management system.

Jerry’s got one heck of a story to tell and a message to send out to the RTV providers as he continues to grow his business under his rule and fights off other national competitors in his area like Obeo, Circlepix, and VisualTours.
Please join me on October 11th as I interview Jerry Mumme and extract some very helpful hints and insight that will someday assist you in rounding the corner on your six thousandth virtual tour.

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