10 Reasons Why Realtors Need Mobile Site 4 Realtors

1)  Internet enabled mobile phones are the way Home Buyers look for a home now.  With most Realtors behind the curve on this change you have an opportunity to clearly differentiate yourself and get ahead. Virtually every Home Buyer in the Silicon Valley uses an Internet enabled mobile phone to look at your 360 home tours and online listings as they drive around.  They’re actively using their mobile phone during the home hunting process.

2)  Mobile Site 4 Realtors is easily forward able way to market your listings.   Your clients can easily build a quick consensus with family and close friends on your listings by forwarding the property information.

3)  Mobile Site 4 Realtors is EASY to setup and change.  Our assisted loading feature means you type in an MLS number and 80% of the information, images, and our HD Virtual Tours are loaded for you.

4)  Virtually every mobile app available today includes all listings and some reference to other Realtors.  Do you really want to recommend your clients use Zillow, Trulia or Redfin?

In this competitive market you cannot afford to send your hard earned clients to a site where they can be exposed to other Realtors.  Mobile Site 4 Realtors showcases your listings, private listings, pocket listings and brokerage listings keeping your valued prospects close to home.

5) Mobile Site 4 Realtors is a browser based app so it works on all internet enabled phones much like the browser based applications on your desktop computer.  Mobile Site 4 Realtors senses the type of mobile phone the user has.  With over 600 profiles we automatically adjust the delivery to match their phone so your mobile website visitors get an optimum experience every time!

6)  Mobile Site 4 Realtors is easily sent from one phone to another creating a viral marketing effect that cannot be replicated with mobile other tools.   Access is available through text messaging and QR codes we provide with the app so your customers can access without typing long URLS and its browser based so it works on all phones.

7)  Buyers agents can offer their clients an engaging way to view and review suggested listings on the buyers mobile phone.  With pictures, video and maps included in the Mobile Site 4 Realtors, you can provide you can provide an engaging way for your clients to review their favorite choices and get your contact information on their phone for easy access putting you ahead of your competition when your clients need your expertise.

8)  Realtors have an excellent way to get listings on a home hunter’s phone.  Flyers get lost & have little impact on buyers.  Seeing your listing pictures and details means your potential prospects have easy and engaging access to their interested property that they can reference tomorrow and the next day.  This is the IDEAL solution for your prized pocket listings & private listings.  As a silver lining we also capture their mobile phone number for follow up!

9) Your clients want to the best value properties in your farming area.  Mobile Site 4 Realtors gives you the opportunity to share your expertise about the properties that you think are the best value.  Your clients will bookmark your site and come back week after week for the engaging, educational experience that you offer.

10) Mobile Site 4 Realtors keeps your most valued listings within one branded keyword of anyone you meet looking for a home.  Today most Realtors are sending clients home with a business card hoping they will go to their website.  Using Mobile Site 4 Realtors gives you, the Realtor, the ability to share your key properties at the point of interest in a conversation and capture the mobile phone number of the interested person for follow  up.

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