Virtual Tour Provider Shares Testimonial

“I would like to share my experience in meeting, working and getting to know Stan Davis at Exposure Elements a San Jose virtual tour company.  Having worked with 3 other virtual tour photographers in the past, (prior to meeting Stan) I honestly thought my experience with these other photographers was what I thought, great service, professional work.  Let me tell you the difference between working with other photographers and working with Stan was like night and day.  From the moment I met with Stan I could see and feel the difference about how much he loved his work.
He immediately started asking me questions about what I wanted and not just all about what he was going to do for me.  At that point,  I knew he really cared about my expectation.  Normal photographers are in and out of the home shoot within 20-30 minutes.  The first time working with Stan and every time we have worked together since we started he spends time making sure the pictures he is going to take will look their best.  Others come in and just start shooting.  Stan goes above and beyond what is asked of him.

The results of his virtual tours, YouTube videos and photo’s are absolutely the best I have ever seen.  I am excited to work with Stan because his work helps sell all my homes fast.  His turnaround time in getting the work done and in my office is second to none. This guy does not mess around.   I look forward to a long working relationship with Exposure Elements because of Stan Davis and his attention to detail and professional photography.”

– Julie Richards

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