Virtual Documentation Provides Some Relief

On September 8, 2011, the Wyoming Valley of Northeast Pennsylvania experienced devastating flooding when the Susquehanna River crested at a record level (42.66 ft.) surpassing the level of the 1972 Hurricane Agnes flood. The updated and raised levee system held strong, but encountered extreme pressure as it was pushed past its capacity.

In the days following, as the clean up process begins, residents will return to their homes unsure of what the extent of the damage will be. There will be widespread and extensive losses suffered at the hands of Mother Nature.

iReact Media offers Wilkes-Barre, PA Virtual Tours. My 360° Virtual Tours in NEPA have helped numerous homeowners/businesses sell and market their properties to potential buyers and patrons. iReact Media also offers an Insurance Documentation Service to homeowners and businesses in case of events and disasters such as this.

While it may be after the fact and the damage is already done for many, some iReact customers can rest assured that they have proper documentation because of their iReact Media Insurance Documentation Virtual Tour.

 Insurance Documentation Services Include:
•    A Full Virtual Tour of Your Home – 360° Panoramas and Stills
•    High Resolution Still Images of all Valuables
•    Scene by Scene Descriptions (as detailed as you want)
•    Inventory Worksheet (filled out by owner)
•    Two CD’s of the Completed Digital Documentation (one for you and one for your insurance agent)
•    Peace of Mind!

Be prepared. Call or email to learn more about the iReact Media Insurance Virtual Tour service. I hope that we never have to experience anything of this magnitude again, but IF we do… consider the benefits of how much stress and confusion this service could relieve.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the thousands of people affected by the flood in Northeast and Central Pennsylvania.

Mark Jones
iReact Media
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