Is Your Realtor Working in the 21st Century?

With 90% of home buyers using the Internet at some point in their search, and 36% of them saying that they found the home they purchased on line, it’s not hard to figure out that your home needs to be easy to find on the internet. Most of those buyers (80%) also say they want to look at homes with a virtual tour.

Where is your Realtor advertising your home? What media are they using? Have they aligned themselves with a local virtual tour provider?

The sign in the front yard used to be the second-most-reported way that buyers found the home they purchased. (Now it is number three – behind the Realtor and the Internet.) These days that sign had better have a QR code on it so that someone driving past can get the “inside scoop” on their smart phone.

Newspapers and real estate books were of major importance. Today it’s mostly the real estate offices that are using the Sunday classifieds, but it’s thin. The real estate books are ghosts of their former selves. And those ads are expensive. The cost for an individual agent to advertise a home can run $75.00 per week or more for a one-inch ad. In 2011, the listing ad needs to be on Craig’s List.

Four Seasons Virtual Tours can help Northwest Indiana sellers and their Realtors get the best coverage for their listings with high quality tours at affordable prices. We can also position the tours so that they have the widest internet coverage possible.

Our virtual tours and slide shows are high definition, HDR photography that can (and should) be shown full screen. The virtual tours are interactive so that the viewer can move through at their own speed and in their own way. They can play on smart phones and tablets. The virtual tours provide detailed property descriptions, MLS information, area information and maps. Weekly stat reports let you know how many people are looking at your listing.

We also offer an incredibly inexpensive Internet Optimizer Package. It posts your listing on Craig’s List and updates it weekly for up to a year. The listing is also posted on Zillow, Trulia, Oodle, Lycos, Hot Pads, Backpage, Vast, Enormo and other  real estate websites; plus Facebook and YouTube. An eflyer and a QR code are also included in the package.

Don’t let your home languish in the 20th century. Four Seasons Virtual Tours can help your Northwest Indiana home (Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton and Jasper counties) be seen by buyers from all over the country and the world.

Debbie & Mike Higgins