Virtual Tours for Insurance Documentation

Just close your moment………… mentally make a list of everything in your house.

In the past few weeks, two of our close friends in two different cities have had their homes broken into. Imagine walking into your home and finding that someone violated your sanctuary and taken your stuff. The trauma and shock of that experience must then be followed by the stress of dealing with police reports and insurance companies to detail what is missing.

Next weekend, Ben and I are going to Ringold, GA with our church to help that community which was decimated by a recent tornado. Homes and businesses there were literally flattened by the tornadoes…families lost everything. Again, in addition to the trauma of surviving the storm, can you imagine trying to remember everything you own and providing that detail list to your insurance company?  While we are there we hope to do a little hotel photography too!

Our professional photography business has recently finished shooting 30 cabin virtual tours for a North Georgia vacation cabin rental company. Within a week after shooting these tours, one of the cabins had an unfortunate incident where renters using fake identification and stolen credit cards stole many of the valuables from the cabin including electronics, linens, decorations, dishes, and much more.

Luckily for the cabin owner, there was no questioning what was stolen because they had a room by room cabin virtual tour that showed the cabin exactly as it looked prior to being wiped out. Virtual tours are not just great for marketing, they are also invaluable should there be the sort of tragedy that we have seen examples of recently.

We specialize in high definition 360 degree virtual tours and vacation rental photography too! Professional photography, cutting edge technology and a national presence are just some of the reasons that we have been chosen to provide healthcare virtual tours, school virtual tours and vacation virtual tours to businesses in 26 states this year.