RTV Hits Home Run

Being an RTV provider since 2005 has been the best decision our virtual tour company Virtual Florida Tours has made. Before starting our relationship with RTV we made a research of the other companies that were offering similar programs. At the time we did not know that RTV was so committed to help us launch our virtual tour company, or that they will keep teaching and researching how to make all of us more knowledgeable in all the techniques and programs that will allow us give a better service to our clients.

Now RTV gave us a new present they just launched our new Image Delivery Engine allowing us a quick and simple way to deliver high resolution images directly to our customers.

Until now I had to invest valuable time setting the pictures on a zip file or sending the pictures in multiple emails to send the pictures to my customers. This new system simplifies the whole process of emailing the photos to my customers, reducing the time invested on this.

Congratulations again on the hard work to all the members of RTV! This is what has made our decision to join this fabulous virtual tour company such a good decision.

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Gabriel Duque
Florida Virtual Tours
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