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In my last blog I hinted about this one today. It’s been awhile but I promised Jason this would be on his ‘desk’
Monday morning.  If you’re like me, your advertising dollars for your local virtual tour business have to stretch far and wide, so I don’t do daily papers, journals, or radio spots, just too damn expensive.

I look at what will give me the greatest exposure for the least amount of money and the longest time in front of Realtors.  I may be singing to the choir, but it won’t hurt to remind you virtual tour providers out there of one of the best sources of networking and exposure. That is your local Realtor’s board. Alamo Area Virtual Tours has been a member almost since we started in the virtual tour business. If your board is like the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) then it is proactive and easy to get involved in. I’m sure that the membership fee has a great ROI for what you get out of it. Of course, the caveat here is ‘what you get out of it, is based on what you put into it!. Just because you are a member, doesn’t mean Realtors will come flocking on over to your virtual tour company doorstep to do a 360 virtual tour for them.  You need to get involved and branded.  That hat is my part of my brand and when I don’t wear it, Realtors tell me they didn’t recognize me. More to it than just that but it helps.

Onto the meat of this. There are all sorts of opportunities out there to get in front of Realtors. Sponsorship of new Realtors, membership breakfast sponsorships, and various membership functions, quite a few of which can involve table top space.  I watch for sponsorship and advertising requests from SABOR and when I see one that will fit the parameters above, I jump on it quick so I’m not left behind and out.  The one I want to write about today is the TREPAC golf tournament that was held at the Hyatt Resort in San Antonio.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to golf at that course, but when the opportunity came open to sponsor a tee, I JUMPED!!!!  When I landed, I landed on the FIRST TEE.  i.e. I would be in front of all Realtors and guests when they first tee’d up.  What an opportunity.  How would I take advantage of this?  Well, if I’m a photographer, what better way than to offer a free group photo of each of the foursomes teeing off in the morning.

I got the e-mail of at least one of the group. After the event, I emailed the picture of the group and asked them to forward it on to the others in their group. Of course, there was a cover letter explaining about Alamo Area Virtual tours of San Antonio. Note the banner. That banner has seen three or four different events and will continue to see more events.

The ROI on it is priceless and the cost was less than $150. Note also the QR code on it. Perhaps the best thing about this day was being outside and an absolutely beautiful Spring day. It was fun while I was networking and advertising.  BTW if your board of realtors is not proactive, that leaves a wide door of opportunity open for you to become proactive in the board.  More on that in the next blog.

Jim Hoback                  
Affiliate member   of GSABA & SABOR
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