The IMAGE – TMS Nuts and Bolts

How many of you log in to your virtual tour manager system (TMS) and wonder where to find a certain feature or service?

How many of you would like additional help dressing up your 360 tours by learning how to create some beautiful banners?

Well I am here to help you answer your TMS questions. In this session of the IMAGE I will take you through TMS and help you find that information and or services you have been looking, or make sure there that you not missing any new features.

I will also spend some time showing you how to make banners for your tours to really dress them to the 9’s.
If you are brand new to RTV this webinar will be a great learning experience and if you have been with us for many years a great refresher course.

This webinar will be an excellent webinar to attend live so that you can ask your questions and get answers right there on. I promise that even the experts out there will have something to learn from this show!

Sign up for this show now in your RTV TMS!

Join us August 30, 2011 at 7pm Eastern for…TMS Nuts and Bolts

We hope to see you there RTV!!


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