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My VR Software company, RTV recently sent me a lead for a virtual tour assignment in a town where I have had no prior virtual tours business.  I don’t normally have to travel far for my assignments, but I wanted to fulfill this request since it was generated by RTV and I am so happy that I went!!

The homeowners were discouraged with their previous attempts to sell their home and they were especially disgusted with the quality of virtual tour they had received, citing the fact that it made their hand-sponged walls appear black instead of green.  I assured them that I would do a great job in each room that I shot for them.

After I turned in the virtual tour the client was so happy that she wrote her real estate agent “WOW! This is the very best virtual tour I have ever seen . . . since our house has been on the market, I have seen a lot of virtual tours as I scan through the MLS. There is no question; this is by far the best! Thank you and Cynthia for all the work. I am absolutely delighted and can hardly wait to brag to my neighbors about the fantastic job you have done.  You have assembled a great team!“

I was so pleased to be able to present a quality HD virtual tour for this agent and her homeowners and I am starting to get more business out of this agency because of this one good experience.  I don’t object to traveling any more when the results are this rewarding.  Actually, these out of town jobs have been some of my favorites and I get to try out new restaurants!

Cynthia Baldado
Tacoma Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 253-549-5373

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In a recent conversation with a potential new virtual tour client I discovered an objection to the use of virtual tours, one I hadn’t come across before. The Realtor in question had never used virtual tours because the ones he was exposed to didn’t do the property justice, in his opinion. He didn’t want to use virtual tours because he didn’t want to tarnish the listing in any way!

A few months later he finally contacted me, with the sudden desire for me to do some virtual tour work for him. Upon asking him what made him change his mind he told me that he had seen one of the tours I did for a mutual client. He said, “I haven’t done tours before because more often than not they don’t do the house justice. When I saw what you did for Denny I was blown away! You turned a really small house into a mansion and your images were amazing!”

Image is important in our line of work and as an RTV full service virtual tour provider I know that what we produce is at the top of the list when it comes to professional virtual tours that are pleasing to the eye. The fact that tours were not an option for this Realtor until he saw a Florida Eye Virtual Tour is absolutely amazing to me and this is a story that is worth sharing again and again as not all virtual tours are the same…

Chris Grumley
Florida Eye Tours, LLC

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I have found one of the most effective forms of advertising a virtual tour for real estate agents is to include the QR code or the virtual tour tour address in their print advertising.  When the only place an agents 360 tours can be found is their personal web page, they are narrowing the chance that a potential client will even stumble on the tours. Especially if they’re not very savvy at blogging or SEO. Inclusion in their MLS listings is also very important; however, I believe that smart home buyers are looking at all avenues for their dream home.  I know my wife and I looked around for two years until we found ours!  I only wish Wasilla virtual tours were more prevalent back then.

This last summer a friend of ours sadly had passed away. Her mother was a retired real estate agent from out of state and came to town fix up the home and sell it.  Her father spent lots of time making improvements to the already nice home, but because the mother was no longer associated with an agency, she was selling it as a private owner.  She had tried for two months to advertise it with fliers posted around town and ads in the newspaper classifieds, so when I heard this, I immediately offered to give them a virtual tour.  Since she had no website to add a link to, I added it to my own sample gallery on my site and gave her a simple address that was easy to offer in her classified display ad.  In the first week she had more calls than she did the previous month. 

The couple who finally bought the home claimed it was because of my 360 virtual tour.  They had inquired their own agent about the property, but were told that it wasn’t that great.  They went back to the tour and called the seller directly.  If it wasn’t for the virtual tour, they wouldn’t have made that second attempt.  If it wasn’t in the print ad, the home may still be buried under all the other homes for sale without virtual tours.  I now recommend all my clients to at least add something that says “virtual tour” to their prints advertisements, and so far I am getting a pretty happy response.

Brian Mead
RE Marketing, AK
Video Production and Virtual Tours
Wasilla, AK 99654
(907) 232-2264

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Learning a new tool is a process you must jump into!  We have seen the advantage of creating V-Slides as an appropriate virtual tour that enhances specific web-site and email distributions. See It Sell Studios, in Corinth, MS., has added this HD virtual tour technology to their tour choices.

First we had to see how to work with this type of virtual tour. What we did was begin a virtual tour that will actually be filmed in September. By loading some non-related pictures, we could see how to create the tour. Although we live in NE Mississippi, we love to vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. When we get to Gulf Shores, Alabama, we will be filming a condo and then remove/add pictures to feature this condo.

The owner of the condo will be able to email this visual to any inquiries they have as well as post it on VRBO (vacation rentals by owner).

Having our virtual tour company name on the tour allows us to get additional SEO exposure as well as additional business. We feel that rentals would especially benefit with this tour type because they are quick, at-a-glance, for someone looking at properties. The V-Slide is faster, easier for us to produce and thus a competitive, economical product can be easily marketed to prospective clients. Generally we will be doing only still shots but we love the feature that a pano or partial pano can be incorporated.

Set up your own “demo” to learn the V-Slide features. Use the demo to cold-call clients to visually show them how this can benefit their internet marketing! Take the plunge, you will love V-slides. NE Mississippi Virtual Tours is pleased to now be offering our client V-Tours.

Hugh Jordan
Corinth Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 662-664-0965

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Good afternoon RTV! Throughout this week a number of our virtual tour provider clients commented positively on the Weekly Hit Reports coming out on Monday. Many providers stated that the number of responses they received from customers off the stat emails were more than double of what they typically receive when the stats go out on Sunday..

As a result the weekly reports will now be emailed out on Monday. This new timing will allow you to share with your clients the complete weekend activity too. We truly hope you’re having a good summer and are making use of all the new technology. 

As a final thought please don’t forget to register for Ben’s show next Tuesday by logging into your 

I know each and every one of you will take something away from this show!

See you on the next FORMULA RTV!!

Yours Sincerely,


PS.  Thanks for your support 🙂

PSS Send me some HDR (Secret Weapon) V-Slides for our gallery!

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