SEO TIP – Link Back Strategy

Welcome to Strategy Class #1 of 4 on building an effective back-link campaign for your virtual tour business. This series of SEO Classes is coming your way from RTV’s very own Kokomo Virtual Tour Company, Best Property Marketing! IF you want to stay on top of your game, make sure you stay tuned to this series and grab a pen (or bookmark the RTV Blog) and take lots of notes!

In this first class we will talk about building back-links from other Blogs. Search engines love blogs, and back-links posted on authority blog spaces will give you instant search engine “juice”, with very little work involved. For those of you still using Internet Explorer, it’s time to step your game up and use Mozilla Firefox because of all the SEO tools that they make available to you.

When it comes to generating back-links with blogs, you need to:

1) Click here and download the SEO Quake plugin which is Free and will become your new best friend when doing SEO work. Feel free to explore with the other plugins as well!

2) Find blogs that provide a ‘do follow’ (the only kind of blogs where a link back to your site will count as a “vote”.)

3) You explore and read the blog and then you make an insightful, useful or relevant comment to the post that is likely to be approved by the blog’s administrator.

4) Include your back-link with relevant anchor text on the blog.

5) Rinse & Repeat

Make sure you focus on posting your comments on blogs (like the RTV Virtual Tour Provider blog) that contain a higher page rank than your own site. A blog with a page rank of 3-5 will offer a higher value back-link than a low (unestablished) blog. You can determine the blog’s page rank by using the SEO Quake plugin.

You can include your back-link within the website URL attached to your post as well as within your actual comment box (if permitted).

When creating your back-link, make sure that you use anchor text to describe the website where you are directing people to.

To do this, you need to include a bit of HTML code to create your back-link with anchor text:

Your keywords go here

Include relevant keywords within your actual anchor text so that you can rank for specific keywords.
One thing to keep in mind as well is that you should never use keywords that are already a part of your website title or domain name but instead, focus on including keywords that you hope to rank for but are not already optimized or included on your own site. At the end of this post I will use the anchor text “SEO Services” as a link back to the SEO Services page within my website!

When searching for blogs to post your comments on (and build your back-link campaign), you should always focus on relevant blogs that carry the same or similar theme as your own website.

Since you will not only generate traffic from the increased exposure within the search engines, you will also attract attention from blog visitor’s who read your post, you want to make sure that you spend your time posting on blogs that are likely to draw in targeted visitors.

Stay tuned for Strategy #2

Until Next Time…..Market and Prosper!

J.R. Renkenberger, Owner
Best Property Marketing
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