Secret Weapon Tip

Hi all we are the New People, Brenda & Jim over at just in business around 2 weeks and I have a great tip to pass along to all of you folks shooting using the RTV Secret Weapon.

First I have to say that I love what the Secret Weapon does. I shot an entire 360 virtual tour including the 360’s using the system and the only thing I have to say is that it  sure made the process simple. (Thanks RTV for the info)

My tip is a program called HDR Darkroom. It a nice piece of software that will allow you to take a standard Photo shot with the standard pocket digital (like the ones we get from typical listings) and bump up exposure and light levels using Tone Mapping to more closely match the levels of our HDR TBS images. Not that it will make their picture better but you can easily make them look more compatible with the higher quality of what we are shooting.  So take a look at HDR Darkroom you might just like this little tool for your box of tricks as well. It also makes combining multi-exposure HDR images a breeze and that is handy as well.

To check it out go to

It has quite a few features including batch processing & Raw file conversion of 150 camera models to name just a couple.

To all that contribute to the BLOG Keep up the good work!

Best wishes to all of you in our RTV Family
Brenda & Jim
Barefoot Bay Virtual Tours

P.S. Look for a press release from us in the next week or so.