Got Mobile?

I’ll admit it, I’m a smartphone junkie, my smartphone is with me at all times.  I am amazed at everything that can be done with these little dynamos of communication, it’s such a pain to actually get that big clunky laptop out and use it anymore…

With the release of  RTV‘s Mobile Tour Technology, the HD Virtual Tours produced by Ohio Virtual are viewed on iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone), Blackberry and Android devices. 

Coupling the Mobile HD Virtual Tour, with a corresponding QR Code (that links directly to your interactive mobile virtual tour) is a strong strategy to put into action with your print campaign. Every good marketer knows the power of “curiousity” and human nature. Ohio Virtual will help you put a custom plan into action, helping you take your marketing efforts to the next level, while ushering your prospects through the virtual doors to your property, instantly moving them forward in your marketing process.

Contact us today, and let us present you and your HD Virtual Tour to a  Mobile World!

Peter Heath
New Philadelphia Virtual Tours
Phone:  330.763.4210