Ask for Referrals!

Referrals….one of the most important marketing aspects of your virtual tour company.  Don’t be shy when talking with a client for whom you have created a virtual tour.  That person has other business contacts that can put money in your pocket.  Not all will be reluctant to give out contacts, but you can entice them with a small discount to get the info needed.  Most will be happy to recommend you to others without expecting anything in return as long as they are pleased.

But don’t forget, customer service and followup are what makes your client want to tell others about your service.  Be willing to accept suggestions and constructive criticism to gain the client’s satisfaction.  By taking interest in your customer’s concerns it lets them know you care about their satisfaction with your work and their needs are being met.  This opens the door to their business contacts.

A simple request for referrals is free marketing and is the easiest way to reach the person who will write you the next check.  Just ask!

Rob Lenthe
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