V-Slides With V-Tours VS. Standalone V-Slides

I wanted to write you a quick message today and remind you about our show next week. Please take a moment to register here: https://www.realtourvision.com/WebinarInformation.php
Secondly I would like to clear up a some recent confusion about our V-Slide and V-Tour system.
Several hundred of you have purchased our Standalone V-Slide Module on an UNLIMITED basis.  You can still produce unlimited V-Slides and are 100% unaffected by the recent update to the system.
Those of you who did not purchase this can now create V-Slides by logging into your http://tms.realtourvision.com and clicking on the Create HD V-Slide.  This will simply use one of your virtual tour credits. 
What’s the difference between a V-Slide connected to my V-Tour and a Standalone V-Slide?
A V-Tour costs 1 tour credit and can hold up to 30 images. You can also make a V-Slide when you create a V-Tour.  Your V-Slide can also hold up to 30 additional images.
·         The V-Slide you create with your V-Tour will connect itself to the V-Tour and make a button appear.
·         The V-Slide with the V-Tour DOES NOT have its own hit report.
·         The V-Slide with the V-Tour cannot be pushed to Realtor.com.
A Standalone V-Slide costs 1 tour credit and can support unlimited images.
·         The V-Slide will have its own hit report.
·         The V-Slide can go to Realtor.com.
·         The V-Slide will have a non branded version.
Enjoy the new technology everyone!
We’ll see you on the next show.
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