Think BIG – Play BIGGER!

Building a Bigger Tomorrow

Hal Holubik, owner of Tours D’ Force, a Lenawee County property marketing company challenges themselves to  THINK BIG and maybe you should too.  How often have you heard the comment “thing big/play big or go home”?  Often we don’t allow ourselves to thing big about our business to attract Bigger Clients.  But it sounds like a great motivational quote for us right now. 

So let’s use it for our digital marketing based business.  How do you think about your business?

First of all, why are we even a questioning that!  Shouldn’t we all think big about our businesses?  Of course we should!  Are we?  That’s the question.

Well we at Team Tours D’ Force are not going home in fact we’re leveling the playing field. We have shifted our spotlight on how to ‘think big’ by understanding what it means and then we’ll share some of the steps with you on how to be bigger thinkers and create bigger clients in our business.

First of all, to ‘think big’ in your virtual tour business doesn’t mean to create bigger programs, bigger product lines or even bigger services.  It doesn’t mean charging more, adding more, etc., etc., etc. That is ‘doing’, not thinking.

We’re talking about improve our business skills and attracting more clients with less effort.  We’re talking about being the go-to person for our clients and potential clients so that they can be more successful.

To play harder in your business means to have a deeper meaning in the minds and hearts of your clients.
To give them what they truly want and value.

So here’s the question, how can we help our clients improve their existing processes and gain greater efficiency, value, and results? Now that’s where we need to go.  Instead of your clients doing the same process over and over, how can you help them to improve upon their processes to gain greater yields.  I bet you that they would happily invest in that.

The ‘Think big’ game plan:

First – Look at how we might improve our existing processes, products, and services to be more effective, learn how to network to attract leads, use social media to increase our visibility, and speak occasionally to share our expertise, etc.

Second – Examine where we can create more efficiency to speed up a good and effective process, teach our prospects and clients how they can get more from what we offer, expand our services and create additional streams of income.

Third – Once that ground work has been laid it will be time to share the results with our clients, and explode our presence with workshops and events. 

Think big about your virtual tour business and gain great returns when you share that information with your clients.

To see how you can get more out of your virtual tours and digital marketing efforts, watch; and also stay tuned ‘Pump-UP Your Digital Marketing’ blog, coming soon.  Questions or comments can be directed to (517) 486-4209 or email to:

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