Groups or Fan Pages?

Hello RTV.  J.R. here from Kokomo’s Best Property Marketing Company and virtual tour provider. Well, this is really a no brainer, but it’s good to have an explanation of the differences, because each has its own functions and its role in your real estate marketing plan.

Think of a group as more of an organizational tool on the personal level but not really for a large scale interaction. Pages should be used if you are trying to build a brand around your Real Estate Business. Having a Fan Page allows you to interact with your “Fans” or customers without having to be connected with them on you personal account. With a personal account, you are limited to Facebook’s 5,000 friend cap. A Fan Page allows you to surpass that 5K mark. Imagine having more than 5,000 fans getting your message in their news feed everytime you decide to share something with them. I bet they would remember you when it comes time to buy or sell a home. You’ll also be top of mind when they hear that a friend or relative needs to work with a Realtor….. I can see the referrals already!

What Exactly Are Facebook’s Fan Pages?

Fan Pages were added to facebook so that businesses, organizations, or even personal brands can keep in touch with their clients and potential clients in an official, public manner.

For us, the key word here is “personal brand” because when we use a Fan Page for a niche specific keyword or product, that is our business. As a realtor it is extremely important to begin establishing your personal brand and identify your NICHE. I’m not saying that you should ignore the other avenues of income but you should become “known for something.” First time home buyers, move up buyers, short sales, repos etc……

With a tightly keyword focused Fan Page, you will be indexed fast by the search engines. Your individual fan page will let you be recognized as an expert in your niche with exposure to maybe thousands of people each day, build your list, generate traffic to your blogs or websites, and much, much more.

Fan Pages now allow you to add a graphic message instructing potential FANS to click the LIKE button before they can view information on your page. You should always have a call to action in your marketing and that holds true for Facebook as well. Check out our Fan Page to see an example of the “call to action” that we use. If you set up a FB Page for “Buyers,” you could offer them a Free Report like “15 mistakes to avoid when buying your first home” if they become a Fan of your page.

If you would like us to provide you with a custom Facebook Fan Page Design, click here to order or see some other designs. Our service is extremely affordable! This is what we do!!!

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