Dear is a great site. But my Realtor / customers have been complaining lately that the Virtual Tours we produce for them aren’t showing up on their listings. They are showing up, it’s just that the Virtual Tour link has been hidden away next to the listing photos.

As a virtual tour producer I may seem biased, but downplaying the available online media for a listing is the opposite of what an online listing sheet should be about.  I am writing to encourage you to increase the visibility of additional media for listings on your site.  Just the words “VIRTUAL TOUR” with a small graphic would be OK. Right now it just says “tour,” which can mean anything. And it’s placed near the link for “larger photos” which makes it seem like it’s nothing more than a slideshow of already available images.

Our customers pay a lot of money with the intention of their virtual tours standing out, being seen, and giving them an edge.  I hope you can quickly make this change. Thanks for all that you do.

Myles Lasco

Tally Tours Inc.

If you’re a virtual tour provider who also agrees with Myles you can send your email to: