3 Ways to See Through Windows

The official photography webinar of RTV

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I will show you how to photograph your tours so that you to See Through the Windows.

Everybody loves those see through windows shots on their tours and slideshows.  You know those shots that allow you to see not only the interior but let you look right through the window as if they were standing right there in the room.

THE BIG QUESTION – How do I get those see through window shots?

There are 3 different ways to get those see through window shots and we are going to show you how to use all three methods.   That way you can pick the method that works best for you and your pricing structure.

Solidify why you are the professional and they need you to photograph all of their properties.

Look like a pro with photos that let you see through the window.

Join us June 28th, 2011 at 7pm Eastern for “3 Ways to See Through Windows”

Ben Knorr
RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Photography Training