Tour Track Spring Cleaning

Order virtual tours from RTV virtual tour providersHey RTV…Some Updates Are Needed

RTV prides itself on offering full coverage virtual tours throughout the United States for our national clients. In order to cut down on mileage costs and provide faster service for our national accounts we are remapping coverage areas for our photographers. Any places where we see “holes” we are going to try and fill.

In order to get placed accurately on the new coverage map please email tourtrack((AT)) using the subject line My Coverage Area. I need to know how many miles you will travel before you charge RTV a fee. Specifically, how far would you travel, with no mileage fee, for a $100 payout? Please put in the round trip mileage and I will add that into your account.

With this new information RTV will be able to get our clients the quickest service possible while maintaining our low prices. I would like this info from everyone, even if you haven’t been sent a Tour Track order yet. We place new orders daily, all over the country, so I want the info ready when they come in!

Thanks Team!
Jacque the Tour Track Fairy
National Virtual Tour Service