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Tornado Devastation – Will you be prepared?

Massive Devastation in Oklahoma due to the tornado that hit Oklahoma and Missouri areas yesterday.  Grove Oklahoma-Grand Lake and Joplin, Missouri were hit by a tornado yesterday.  Joplin reported 89 deaths so far, but this could climb as the search for survivors continue on the following days.  My husband, his son and myself  have a Automotive business about 8.8 miles south of Locust Grove, Oklahoma and we  were not affected but it came very close to us. Relatives of my husbands’ family lived in Joplin, Missouri lost their home but their lives were saved.  The devastation is overwhelming for them; they just relocated to Joplin, Missouri a few months ago due to job re-location. This young family of 3 will have to start all over with all their house hold belonging, clothing, dishes, and I am sure you could imagine, so the list goes on.
The following link shows the pictures, slideshows and videos of the devastation of this massive tornado and the horrible loss that so many people have experienced.

Most people are not prepared for such disasters, providing the insurance adjusters with the receipts and photo’s to provide proof of the loss. In most cases not having proof of your items means you will not receive the full value from your valuables from your insurance company.

Here at Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours has a perfect solution for you and your valuables with our Tulsa Eagle Eye Inventory Virtual Tour!  Let us photograph, document, and securely store all images of your valuables on a CD and on RTV’s secure virtual tour server facility where they will be a mouse click away, giving you proof of ownership for your Insurance Company to verify.

Tulsa Eagle Eye provides 360 virtual tours and we service all the Northeastern Oklahoma. Our wide variety of services include the state of art interactive 360 virtual tours, professional photography services, powerful slideshow presentations along with many other services to provide you with the very best presentation of your property and or belongings.

Finally we would also like to show you a related posting from another fellow RTV provider from Tuscaloosa.  Here’s a virtual tour of the destruction from that tornado:

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