Moving Off Tour Builder 3.0 Software

Hello RTV! I just wanted explain a couple of differences between using the old Tour Builder 3.0 virtual tour software and the new Tour Builder 4.0 online virtual tour software as well as the benefits of the new online software.

In Tour Builder 3.0 you are used to doing the photo stitching and virtual tour building the tour all in the same software.  If you look at the process you will see that the process is broken down into two processes, stitching and virtual tour building. In TB3 you would click to create a new tour, select the tour type, fill in the information and click to create the tour.  See legacy virtual tour software video. Then you would start stitching your pans and uploading your stills.  After the stitching was completed you clicked the button to add the pan into the tour.  For the stills pictures you had to click on a different button and add them in one by one.  After all of your images were loaded into the tour then you would give them a name, compress them, add hotspots, organize your scene sort order, and then upload the whole tour file in standard resolution to your TMS account.  If you wanted the HD tour as well you had to upload a second copy of the same images one by one and match them up with their corresponding image in the standard resolution tour.  Tour Builder 3.0 saved all of your tours on your local computer so if you had a computer crash you lost your tour files.

Enter Virtual Tour Builder 4.0 Online Virtual Tour Software

With Tour Builder 4.0 online many of these troubles are solved and completely gone.  You still stitch your pans together on your computer in the Panavue photo stitching software on your computer, so you will have a copy of all the final stitch pans on yoru computer and will not be waiting for this process to be completed online.  The process is simple and much quicker than when Tour Builder 3.0 did the stitching in Panavue.  After you have stitched your panoramas, you log into your TMS account and click on the VTour software to build your tour.  You will pick the type of tour, enter a name for the tour and pick the colors for your tour viewer.  Next upload your images into the software.  Once the pans and stills are uploaded you give them their scene name and a description if you want.  The online software will then resize your pictures for both the HD tour and the standard tour. Then you can just organize your scenes, add hotspots, and you’re ready to go.  No more worrying about losing your tours if your computer was to crash.  Watch animation here:

Still want to use Tour Builder 3.0???
We didn’t think so!  If you’re still using Tour Builder 3.0 and would like to SAVE LOTS OF TIME but are afraid to let go, give us a call.  We’ll help you migrate from Virtual Tour Builder 3.0 to 4.0 Online today.
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