Congrats on Your New Listing – New From RTV Marketing

Summer is here kids and it’s time to scoop up new customers like never before. As you all know this IS the busiest time of year so be sure to use your time wisely and stay focused. This month’s marketing piece just might be our most successful and useful piece that RTV has ever created for you to date.

This piece is used for snagging new customers via email and involves a very simple three step process to setup.

  1. First off you will need to chat with one of your close real estate customers.  Let them know that you would like to receive notification when new listings hit the MLS.  Any real estate agent can set this up for you quite easily. You might want to establish a minimum listing price but it’s entirely up to you. Also see if they’re able to send it to you with the listing agent information on it. Some MLS’s will be able to do this while others will not.  If you have trouble finding out who the original listing agent it for a listing you might simply ask your contact how you might be able to find this out as these emails are sent to you.
  2. Next you will start receiving many emails daily.  You will want to setup a RULE in OUTLOOK or whatever email client you use so these emails informing you of new listings matching your criteria are all going into a single folder in your computer.  One by one you will find out who the listing agent is for each listing, get their email address then add them to your database.
  3. Finally you simply send out to them a very elegant looking customized email congratulating them on getting the new listing.  Your email to them should also list some of your powerful digital property marketing tools.  Make sure you include links to your website and a photograph of yourself in your email for the added personal touch. Your email can be easily customized with your company information by using an HTML Editor like Trellian HTML Editor

That’s it! You’ve done it!  Now all you do is watch the emails come flowing back to you as you win over new customers looking for professional services.  This is really the perfect marketing piece since it saves the real estate agent time. The home seller might have said to them, “Are you going to send in a professional to do our virtual tour?”  You’re simply saving the agent time by not having to look at all.  As soon as that new listing hits the MLS your virtual tour company is conveniently in their inbox. 

Enjoy the new marketing materials everyone!  For a more detailed outline of how to use this piece login to your today and watch The FORMULA 50 which breaks this down into a step by step process. Finally be sure you take the time to reevaluate what you have been doing, what has proven effective, what markets you have targeted successfully, and fine-tune your approach.  Let us know if you have a need for a specific marketing piece and we will do our best to create it.  Email your ideas to info((at))  All marketing documents can be accessed through


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