Choosing a Virtual Tour Company Capable of Change

Wow, technology changes fast out there!  What is shiny and new one day, is outdated and depreciated the next.  As a generation that has grown up fully immersed in cutting edge technology, we have come to expect no less from those we choose to handle our technological needs.

Since 2004, I have watched RTV virtual tour software company grow and change not only with the times, but well ahead of them.  They have listened to their audience (us as providers as well as our clients) and responded by consistently delivering new virtual tour products and services while constantly re-inventing the old ones with relevance and vision, such that a “WOW factor” is still achieved when I demonstrate my capabilities as an RTV virtual tour provider to prospective clients. 

Recently, I created a full screen, high definition virtual tour of a surgical center, and the doctor’s assistant called me the next week to tell me that the doctor was so excited about his new tour, that he literally had a party at his house to show off his new tour on his 60 inch screen!  As a professional that is fully committed to exceptional service to the clients of Virtually There Media, I love to serve clients in this manner, and RTV always backs me up “behind the scenes” allowing me to achieve these kind of results on a consistent basis.  I also have a sincere appreciation for the unwavering integrity that Jason and all of the RTV crew demonstrate on a consistent basis, as I strive to achieve high levels of integrity in all that I do as well.  Thanks RTV.  You guys are the best!


Lawrence McBride
Virtually There Media
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