Virtual Tours for iPhones and Other Mobile Devices

535 Beaver Dam Rd QR COdeThat little blue cube…the bane of the existence of virtual tour providers ever since mobile device use skyrocketed starting in 2006.  If you have an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you know what I’m talking about.  When you see that cube it simply means (if I may use a Seinfeld reference) “No Soup For You!”.  Or if your device could talk it would probably simply say “Sorry, I can’t play that media”.
Continuing on the ‘new tech’ run that started in late 2009, RTV (my virtual tour software provider and host) has made all Huntsville Virtual Tours smarter.  When you and your clients or customers try to view one of my tours now with your iOS or any mobile device, instead of the little blue cube, you now get a specially formatted version of the virtual tour for mobile devices!

To make it even easier for your smart-phone toting potential buyers to access the tour, I’m announcing the immediate availability of a little funny looking graphical link called ‘QR Code’.  A QR code looks like this:

To use this code, simply scan it with your camera equipped mobile device. The phone will know what to do!  Your device’s browser will open to the new mobile version of the tour.  You can use QR code anywhere.  Display it on your website, print it on flyers, on your yard signs…anywhere.

How do you know if anyone is using your new QR Code? Believe it or not, it will show up on your weekly hit-stats report.  Look for a referrer called after you start using the code.
If you’d like to have a QR code for any existing tour, contact me and I’ll generate one for you.
Got a client meeting coming up? Mention the new virtual tours for mobile devices to them.  Print the QR code and demonstrate it.  Let me know how QR codes and mobile virtual tours close more listings for you.

Brett Weaver
Creative Engineer
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Middle Tennessee Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour:  931-201-9328