Virtual Tour Convention HUGE Success!

Just a brief note to let you know how much I, and everyone else I talked with, enjoyed the First Annual RTV Virtual Tour Convention in your beautiful city, Traverse City.  From the first moment after arriving, I felt that we were all members of a large family attending a barbecue or some other familiar family event.  Other providers were easy to meet and friendly.  It was such a rewarding experience to meet others who are building their businesses just like me. 

The ideas, thoughts, and plans exchanged with other providers has been invaluable and I’m going back to Calgary with intention of implementing many of them into my virtual tour business.  And, believe me, the new AUTO RTV HDR processing bullet, announced on Saturday,will certainly put holes in our competition!

Special thanks to Jacque, Ben, Eve, and Jim and all the presenters for their coordinated efforts, professionalism and dedication to making “our” first convention such a success! 

To all providers who couldn’t make it this year:  Start planning now for the next conference.  If you are serious about building a lasting business for yourself, you absolutely, positively must attend the Second Annual RTV Convention 2012!

Thanks again RTV.

Barry Blick
Spinnermax, Inc. Real Estate Photography
Calgary Virtual Tours
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