RTV provider Sites 2.0 Released!

Many of you already know that we’ve upgraded quite a few provider Sites this year and have been getting AMAZING reviews. This new site is tremendous time saver for those of you with existing RTV provider sites AND also for those of you with a blog-feed site like http://www.wisconsinvirtualtour.com.

The new RTV provider sites allow you to “Auto-Blog” all of your virtual tours without lifting a finger!! With several of you out there still waiting to upgrade (it’s FREE) the time is NOW to get your site updated before Summer business kicks in. Setting up a new site on a domain that you’re sitting on is a great idea too. By setting up an RTV provider site you can offer the BlueLaVaMedia HOT SHEET to all the agents in your area as seen in The FORMULA 8. Here’s a sample hot sheet: http://archive.aweber.com/360traverseblog/1ntYx/h/Real_Estate_Hot_Sheet_.htm

With the brand new Content Management System that comes with the 2.0 Upgrade, you will now have the ability to add/remove pages at will, change your template, colors, fonts etc., and add all of your social links. Most notably, your RTV virtual tours will now import into your upgraded provider Site automatically!! Did we mention this upgrade is free??

The upgraded sites have all new really cool looking templates too. Check out the new http://www.TourGrandTraverse.com or which auto populates and emails the feed link you clicked on above to hundreds of real estate agents in Traverse City monthly.

The 2.0 Upgrade from 1.0 will not happen automatically so if you want to do this the time is now! Please join myself and Sue Nolff from Byte Productions on Tuesday April 12th at 7:00 Eastern for our provider sites 2.0 webinar event. This really is the perfect solution for those of you looking to update your existing website, convert a manual tour blog site to an automated one, add a new site to a domain your currently squatting on or upgrade your 1.0 provider site. Yes…it is free.



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